She became mom at the age of 11.

She became mom at the age of 11.

How she lives now The girl lived in the same flat with her grandmother. She had no parents, she was raised by her grandmother. And the fellow Habib furthermore lived in this apartment, he rented a room. He was 19 yrs old.

The adolescent community began a relationship. subsequently a while, the girl became pregnant.Surely, the adolescent male was convicted, on the other hand the determination was suspended.

On account of the adolescent general public established in judicature that they appreciation each other. The copulate had a daughter. The adolescent mom progressive from the 9th standing and entered the college. And in 2013 they had a boy.

Afterwards 4 yrs, they craved to separate, on the other hand figured out about the girl’s 3rdpregnancy. at the moment they are in a family way their 3rd child, Habib be entitled to money and grips consternation of the adolescent family.Thanks to her age, the girl gave confinement not by herself, on the other hand by Caesarean section. The docs did not deprivation to appropriate responsibility, although the babies were born inconsequential in both cases.

On the other hand Habib’s relatives never conventional the girl, they are incessantly looking a contemporary bride for their son. Surrounded by the other items they do not conceive that these kids are from their son.On the other hand adolescent human beings appreciation each over-the-counter and are not accomplishment to break up.

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