Twin sisters who weighed 586 and 604 pounds lost weight beyond recognition

As to make certain that there was no extremely threat to life, thither was an imperative need for action! Ever since they were tiny, Kandi and Brandi had fought accentuation with food.

The females suffered whole time from the deprivation of carefulness from their parents and launched solace in sweets, to which they got used to it. And over time their mom and dad began to feed the children with fast food, it helped lots to capture them, that method the children didn’t interfere with their parents’ activities.

Of course, this style of consumption led to denial consequences. And the first hardship began at school, when vicious classmates began to bully the sisters. And as teenagers, each girl already weighed more than 220 pounds, and the worst circumstance was the continuing weight growth.

Afterwards Kandi and Brandi had a fight with their parents and the females left. They started an sovereign life, which, unfortunately, had no impression on their feeding habits. The sisters got a job as salespeople to supply for themselves, however their dialect heft was not gone astray each of them was consumption  not the beyond compare course of action — with blue streak meal sweets and drunkenness candied sodas.

Over time, the females could no longer go to work thanks to of their weight and became as cumbersome as possible.  Kandi and Brandi began to possess wellness problems. When they each started to be scaled over 550 pounds, they determined to inquire the popular TV show «My 600-Lb Life» for help.

So began a long and exhausting journey of fight for health. The best professionals worked with the sisters — a dietician prescribed a diet, and psychologists began to work with them. Over time, each sis had a destination of losing weight. The weight began to come off. Jowever they all the more required to abbreviate their stomachs for medical reasons.

Brandi survived the operation smoothly and Kandi nearly lost her life thanks to of her heart condition, however whole comes out well. The show is long over, and the females go on to follow their wellness — they go to the gym and to have right meal.

Brandi even met her love, got married and had a baby.However Kandi is not in a quick to get married still she thinks of travelling a lot and wish to be entertained her fresh life.

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